Required Equipment

Whether you’re pelletizing, oil pressing or just producing for consumption we have the equipment for your business. We create custom designs for your requirements.
Required Equipment
Hemp Equipment

RPR Hemp Consulting draws on its breadth of international equipment experience and knowledge to deliver the best outcome for our clients, wherever their projects may be located. We will help select equipment specific to your products and provide you with the detailed plan of work and our recommendations for future growth.

Hemp requires specialized equipment for processing to a final product due to to natural strength and unique properties. Each product has a different design requirements and specific production equipment to develop into saleable products. Some equipment is simple and an easy to find and can be over night delivered, some can take 18-24 months to develop and deliver. This may severely affect production of you need to wait for a year and didn’t expect that. Planning  ahead is very important!

Equipment purchasing

Do you know what type of finalized material you require? Can it be decorticated with a hammer mill, does fiber length mean anything to your final product, is mobile better, are you only looking for seeds?  Do you know what types of machinery are required for production? 

We can help using global contacts in hemp with; equipment, processing,  production, development and design.


Project Development
Defining the key construction issues
Cost Analytics
Discussing preliminary estimates of selected equipment
Risk Management
Mitigate possible risks
Planning & Scheduling
Develop project plants and delivery dates
Developing contracts between suppliers and clients

Yes, Hemp is a sustainable crop and easy to grow on fast rotations; 3 to 4 months and it´s ready for harvest. As strong CO2 consumers, Hemp plants help to clean polluted air and land. While traditional cotton crops damage land, hemp actually enriches the soil over continuous cultivation, and is able to recover damaged soils

Not really a seed drill or any no till seeder will work and a simple swather or hay cutter will cut and stack your rows and a baler. There are advanced headers you can buy and other specialty machinery for farming hemp.

Success in the industrial hemp industry depends on how efficiently and safely your hemp materials move around your production and or processing facility, ultimately determining the difference between profit and loss, the decisions are up to you.