Hemp Farming

Hemp farming continues to gain popularity as a high-yield, low-maintenance crop that manufacturers can process for a wide variety of commercial applications.
Hemp Farming

Hemp, the versatile plant from which CBD can be extracted and also manufacture fiber, paper and (believe it or not) food, is taking the market by storm. With demand currently higher than supply, now is the best time to start thinking about hemp as a crop. But before you start farming the sought-after crop, there are some crucial things you need to know. We are here to help you with all of these steps. 

Hemp FArming today

Our professionals are industry leaders who understand technical, business, regulatory and legal matters and are seasoned in giving expert testimony. They represent top talent across disciplines, including genetics, land development, and crop monitoring, all backed by science and a little bit of technology.

Starting a hemp farm isn’t exactly cheap. Keep in mind that capital (money spent on land, equipment, etc.) and overhead cost (money necessary to keep your hemp farm operating) will likely be on the higher end of the monetary scale for first-time farmers, but there are always ways around.

Have a small piece of land or are looking to rent land? We can help you find what you are looking for. From finding a farmer willing to rent space to a farm to trying to find buyers for hemp. 

Already have a big piece of land? Perfect! We are looking at a centralized hemp processing center for farmers to bring in their crops. This will bypass the requirements for large investments for on farm processing for decortication. Your support as a farmer is required to start this new adventure in hemp and help create a new supply chain.


Land Plot Advisory
Defining the key location and soil issues
Cost Analytics
Discussing preliminary estimate
Risk Management
Eliminating possible risks
Planning & Scheduling
Discussing future growth plans
Develop seed to sale contracts for clients

Yes, Hemp is one of the worlds oldest and easiest crops to grow. With its natural strengths and being a highly robust crop that can grow nearly anywhere, except for very dry deserts or high, mountainous areas, makes hemp a perfect crop.

No all hemp is not the same, some genetics are grown for fibers while others are grown for seed. The range of differences is quite significant. The end product determines what type you need to grow.   

A single acre of hemp is enough from some while others is 100 acres, the choice is yours. Hemps is a very diverse crop, the question is what would you like to do with Hemp?  

Average growth period is 14-18 weeks depending on strain type selected.

Remaining under the 0.3% limit for THC and patience. Hemp is a strong plant that it great for your crop rotations aswell. 

Hemp roots reach deep into the soil to hold it together and prevent erosion. The roots also loosen up the soil, making it more welcoming to the next crop. While a hemp crop is planted, it naturally aerates the soil and adds helpful deposits of carbon dioxide into the soil.