Industrial Hemp

The industrial hemp industry is growing fast. It is anticipated to become a huge money making operation for farmers and entrepreneurs alike. The industrial plant can be farmed for grain, certified seed, fibers, and more.
Industrial Hemp

Future thinking, resilient, profitable, and competitive rural industries that actively consider what is coming next – and are well placed to respond – are widely supported and required to be developed by the new hemp supply chain. There is currently a disconnect between farmers and the industry of hemp. There are limited decortication facilities in North America, the current supply chain is hit or miss and there is limited consistency in products. This is where hemp on an industrial scale is required so that a missing piece can be added and create an industry standard.  

Under the new hemp regulations, growers can also harvest hemp flowers, leaves, and branches and sell them to licensed cannabis processors, although the vast majority of hemp grown in Canada to date has been grown for hempseed (non-viable seeds), which have been used in a wide range of food products (such as hulled hemp seeds, hemp-based snack foods, hemp oils, hemp protein powders, hemp flour and hemp meal).

In Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regulates livestock feed. Hemp and hemp products are not currently approved as livestock feed or feed ingredients in Canada. In the future, each hemp product intended to be used as a livestock feed single ingredient (such as hemp meal, hemp oil, or hemp seeds) will require separate approval.


Industrial hemp has many applications but limited production currently, if you are thinking about adding hemp as a product or have a product in mind we will help as best as we can. Hemp comes in many forms and is a highly desirable future product!  The time is now as hemp has a very positive future.

Possible Hemp products:

Food products

  • Hemp juice
  • Hemp milk
  • Hemp protein


  • Fiber reinforced plastic
  • Hempcrete
  • HempWood


  • Hemp oil 
  • Biodiesel
  • Alcohol fuel


  • CBD
  • CBG 


  • Hemp hurds
  • Hemp jewelry
  • Paper
  • Object Sleeves


The Process
project Development

Project preparation in accordance with clients requirements.


We use space technologies for 24/7 monitoring of land for any issues.

budget approval

Budget analysis, corrections and approval with the client.

Client Approval

All steps are taken with our client as we are all learning together.


Industrial farming does not have a size, it’s more that its grown for products and not the food chain, although it can be value-added to the food chain as protein powder and animal feedstock. 

If you have a product or a production line that you think hemp can enter, we are professionals at locating the equipment required to complete the product. From decortication to fiber insulation for cars.

Well no, but we have teamed up with which has integrated High-Resolution Satellite Imagery to monitor plants and soil health 24/7.  This goes beyond the industry standards to help detect any upcoming issues and help protect your crops.