Land Analysis

Planting is not enough, we monitor your crops 24/7 utilizing dedicated satellite technologies to help grow the best crops possible.
Land Analysis
Monitoring Services

We have partnered up with for crop analysis and satellite monitoring. We monitor crop development and also track the activities relating to harvest and the receipt of the crop into the storage and/or processing units.

“Combining unique map layers and automatic health change detection, Farmers Edge provides timely, field-level insights for your broadacre crops. With imagery processed within 48 hours, Farmers Edge technology goes beyond the industry standard to help you detect and respond to issues before yield is impacted.” – Farmersedge


Our crop monitoring service can include field visits and advanced measurements for accurate decision making.

The following tasks are included in the initial survey:

  • Geo-referencing areas
  • Verification of the available land for cultivation
  • Survey of cultivated varieties
  • Productivity estimates for potential production calculation
  • Identification of developmental stage
  • Evaluation of agro-meteorological aspects
  • Verification of crop and soil management
  • Estimated time of harvest

Yes, our packages include daily photographs that are taken and analyzed by professional agronomists and botanists.  We feel that we must give the best, to get the best and crop management is very important to us. We have advanced testing as well that can be discussed.

Daily updates will provide important information to you and help you make decisions that may save your crop. You can access from your phone, tablet or desktop. Gen.2 CanPlug streams real-time equipment values along with planting, spraying, harvest and tillage data wirelessly to help in decision making. It will help you act faster if there is any issues and that will help over all.

Its more then space photos, its constant monitoring of your crops needs. Daily updates about your plant and soil health is very important as a farmer, it will tell you if an area has bugs, or draught that maybe missed with a walk through of the field. This is what Farmersedge has to say and we agree,

“Combining on-farm hardware, easy-to-use software, digital agronomy, AI-driven analytics and unbeatable support, we provide everything growers need to get value from farm data, manage risks and maximize returns.” 

– Famersedge

So you might get an email telling you there is a danger to your crop, this becomes a great advantage as every moment in a plants life is vital.