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Scientifically minded people try to figure out the natural world through testing, observation and application. Science is our hidden partner!
Our Science
SCience Of hemp

Science is the engine of prosperity. Economists have said that a third to a half of economic growth has resulted from basic research since World War II. But before these applications existed, researchers had to study the basic concepts that provided a sound foundation—and they did those studies not necessarily knowing where they would lead. Science makes the future our reality. 

Despite significant progress made by the international research community, the basic biology of hemp plants remains insufficiently understood. Clear objectives are needed to guide future research. As a semi-domesticated plant, hemp has many desirable traits that require improvement, including eliminating seed shattering, enhancing the quantity and quality of stem fiber, and increasing the accumulation of phytocannabinoids. 


The Process
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Research in restoration technologies, sustainable programs and bioengineering.

Analysis and Evaluation

These are key processes in learning and are essential for any advancement.


Document control makes collaborating with people much easier.

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Science drives the knowledge to build new technologies to better our living planet.