Technology and Monitoring

At Farmers Edge, we’re dedicated to developing technology to increase production and help you grow more with less. We give you everything you need to get value from farm data, manage risks and maximize profitability.

Naeth Research Program

Our research program is theoretical and applied, centered in land reclamation and restoration ecology. It focuses on plant-soil-water interrelationships, understanding and defining processes inherent in these relationships, their effects on ecosystem structure and function, their response to disturbance and their role in reclamation after disturbance. 

McGill University
Dr Vijaya Raghavan

Dr. Raghavan’s research has been on the effects of soil compaction on crop productivity, and on post-harvest technologies related to drying and storage.  He has directed four CIDA-funded projects: Three dealt with the transfer of expertise and post-harvest technologies to southern India for the consolidation of food security, and one was on the transfer of expertise and electro-technologies to China for research into food processing and other applications.

FMcGill University
Dr Shiv O. Prasher

Dr. Prasher’s research program has been addressing the crucial challenge of sustaining agricultural production while protecting the environment from agricultural sources of contamination. The main innovative features of his research program are the incorporation of novel, conceptual, and innovative computer modeling, data analysis and processing techniques into problems of water resources management and water pollution.

Rafter P Ranch-Hemp Consultants

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